Oceanside callus removal

Oceanside Callus Removal

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Callus removal in Oceanside

Since feet do the work of carrying the body with every step they take it is no wonder that they can develop some conditions due to excessive stress and overwork. Even wearing improperly fitting shoes or socks can cause discomfort, pain and changes to the feet. According to Dr. Sarah E. Kim, DPM of New York Podiatry Care among the most common foot conditions is the callus and her practice specializes in Oceanside callus removal as well as the full range of podiatry services.

A callus is a thickening layer of skin usually on the bottom of the foot, the back or on the toes that are a natural response to excessive friction, rubbing or pressure. Much like a callus on the hands they are often a result of overuse in performing an action that produces friction between the foot and whatever it is touching during the action, often shoes. Calluses do not start off as hard clumps of skin they usually start as a hot spot or blister and can be very painful. Over time the hot spot will cool down and the fluid in the blister will dry up and the skin will harden into a callus, which is usually more unsightly and annoying than it is painful. Our doctor can offer treatments that relieve calluses including Oceanside callus removal.

Many small calluses can be treated with padding, insoles and certain abrasive treatments. Other more serious calluses develop in places where they continue to cause discomfort and are deep with circular cores. This painful type of callus may be due to an underlying problem in bone structure, a particular type of skin condition, or perhaps a response to a foreign body. Oceanside callus removal is one method that we use to alleviate the problem and solve the underlying malady of the foot. As an alternative treatment to rebalance the foot stride and striking position as well as padding are often used. Please call our office if a callus rears its ugly head on your foot.

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