Best foot care in Long Beach

Best Foot Care in Long Beach

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Podiatry office in Long Beach

Best foot care in Long Beach
Best foot care in Long Beach

The human foot is perhaps the hardest working part of the body. About 60 tons of stress is placed on your feet for every mile you walk. Since we all walk several miles a day just routinely moving from place to place the feet absorb a great deal of stress over the course of a week, month, year and lifetime. About one quarter of the bones in a human body are located in the feet and ankles as are a large number of ligaments and muscles all of which are affected by stress, overuse, injury and disease. Given this huge amount of wear and tear it is no wonder that our New York Podiatry Care podiatrist treats foot injuries and diseases of all kinds in people of every age with the best foot care in Long Beach.

Dr. Sarah E. Kim, DPM offers patients with foot problems a wide range of services covering all the problems and conditions associated with the foot and ankle with the best foot care in Long Beach. Our practice is geared to providing each patient with the most advanced, thorough, compassionate and efficient care so that they can quickly return to their everyday lives feeling great. Our services are numerous but can be classified into six groups. The first group of services is those revolving around surgical treatments for various conditions including bunions, hammertoe, neuroma, pain in the ball of the foot, also known as metatarsalgia, and arthritis of the foot and ankle. The next group of services our practice offers is those geared to relieving diabetic foot ulcers and handling advanced wound care. Our doctor also treats overuse injuries, such as fractures, ankle sprains, tendon injuries and stress fractures.

Our best foot care in Long Beach practice handles pain conditions including heel pain and plantar fasciitis, as well as flatfoot or fallen arches and tendinitis. Many runners experience specific forms of overuse and painful foot conditions which our doctors treat. These often include sesamoid injuries, tendinitis, heel pain, platelet rich plasma (PRP) and stress fractures. Our practice offers relief from nail and skin conditions of the feet including warts, ingrown nails or the use of laser treatments for fungal nails. If you’re experiencing a problem with your feet or ankles come to the medical practice that knows your feet and how to make them feel good again.

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