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Bunions and Hammertoes in Oceanside NY

Podiatrist in Oceanside NY
Podiatrist in Oceanside NY

Today, there is really no reason to live your life with foot pain since there are so many foot treatments available. At New York Podiatry Care, our top-notch podiatrist in Oceanside NY, Dr. Sarah Kim, can provide you with treatment for many different foot problems, including problems resulting from bunions and hammertoes.

Bunions and hammertoes are two of the most common reasons why people come in to see our podiatrist in Oceanside NY. They both can cause foot pain, which can make it difficult to live your everyday life, or even enjoy going for walks in the park. Both hammertoes and bunions can be treated in several different ways. When a person has a bunion that is causing them pain, the bunion can be removed with bunion surgery. Our foot doctor will assess your individual situation and let you know which type of bunion treatment will work best for you. Some people go through their lives with bunions, and are never really bothered by them. Other people come to our office to have their bunions treated while they are small, to reduce the chance that they will become bigger and more painful. If a person has a hammertoe, it can be a rigid or flexible hammertoe. If a hammertoe is flexible, it can still be moved. However, if left untreated, the hammertoe will eventually become rigid and cause a lot of pain for the patient. When a person has a rigid hammertoe, the toe is stuck in a position that looks like an upside down “v.” Arthritis can set into the joint and the hammertoe can be very painful for the patient. In addition, since the toe cannot be straightened, it will rub against the top of the shoe and can develop corns which can be quite painful, as well. The only way rigid hammertoe can be corrected is with foot surgery.

For an appointment to be seen by our podiatrist in Oceanside NY for treatment of your bunions, or hammertoes, simply contact our office today.

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