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Rockville Centre Bunion

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Rockville Centre bunion
Rockville Centre bunion

Bunions can be painful and debilitating to many people. They are a common problem, but if they aren’t treated in time, they can cause problems walking or with the joints of the foot. Call New York Podiatry Care if you think you may be suffering from a Rockville Centre bunion. We’re experienced in all aspects of foot treatment as well as foot pain and other foot conditions.

Bunions are a progressive condition that happens when the joint of the big toe is deformed, which causes the joints of the toe to spread outward. The big toe eventually moves inward and becomes enlarged. Because of this problem, the bunion is often irritated by footwear. Over time arthritis may set in, causing the joint to become weak and stiff. A Rockville Centre bunion may progress to become even worse and very painful if not treated properly, making it hard to wear shoes. Non-invasive therapies such as acetaminophen and anti-inflammatory medications are usually employed as a start. If the problem has progressed and cannot be alleviated, we may recommend specialized shoes called foot orthotics.

Progressive Rockville Centre bunion, which can reach a Stage IV or V, may need surgery or complete shoe modification in order to be treated. Bunions may eventually progress to other conditions of such as calluses, hammertoes, thick toenails or plantar fasciitis. If you suffer from diabetes, it is especially important to take care of your feet. Diabetes is a serious condition that can affect the body’s circulation, causing foot problems. The ability to heal properly is a major factor when it comes to treating diabetic feet, and numbness, balance problems and wounds can get in the way of the feet healing properly. If not kept in check, diabetic feet may result in infection or foot conditions that can lead to a more serious issue.

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