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Treating bunions and hammertoes in Rockville Centre

Rockville Centre podiatrist
Rockville Centre podiatrist

Bunions are a progressive foot condition that affects the joint of the big toe. Bunions can cause deformities and spreading of the metatarsal bone, deforming the foot so that the big toe appears to be moving inward. The joint becomes enlarged and deformed over time. This causes the toe joint to become weak and irritated. At New York Podiatry Cre, our Rockville Centre podiatrist can help heal and treat painful bunions and other similar foot conditions such as hammertoes.

Bunions stick out to the side of the foot, making them susceptible to irritation from constant rubbing against shoes. Even worse, arthritis can affect the joint more easily, causing it to become stiff and sore. This painful condition affects many people each year and the condition can progress to a worse state if it is not treated in time. A bunion progressing from Stage I to Stage V can be debilitating. Living with bunions means turning to alternative ways of treating the foot, such as wearing modified shoes or considering foot surgery. We at New York Podiatry Care focus first on non-invasive treatments before turning to surgery as an option. Our Rockville Centre podiatrist is experienced in foot orthotics and treatments for bunions to help reduce pain and swelling.

Bunions can cause hammertoes, calluses and shin splints so they should be treated as quickly as possible and in a timely manner before they get worse. The goal of treatment is to immediately relieve toe pain and to prevent bunions from progressing or deteriorating. Our Rockville Centre podiatrist can discuss orthotic shoes with you if need be and inform you on how these shoes are made and how they can be worn to relieve pain. For more mild cases and temporary relief, we can prescribe acetaminophen and anti-inflammatory medicines to reduce the swelling associated with bunions. Ice, staying off feet as much as possible, wearing comfortable shoes and other easy to manage options can provide much relief in a quick way. If the bunions become extremely restrictive, we will discuss surgery options with you. Surgery can be a highly effective treatment and can relieve bunions permanently if healed properly.

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