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Treating bunions and hammertoes in Long Beach

11561 Podiatrist Office
11561 Podiatrist Office

Do you have bunions or hammertoes? Both of these foot conditions have two things in common: they are both very common foot problems and they can both be very painful conditions. If you are looking for treatment of bunions and hammertoes, you will want to know that you can receive effective and expert treatment at our 11561 podiatrist office of New York Podiatry Care.

At New York Podiatry Care our highly trained and experienced podiatrist is Dr. Sarah Kim. At our office we provide exceptional podiatric care to all of our patients. Our office’s atmosphere is comfortable and relaxing, as well as being equipped with the most modern diagnostic and treatment equipment. Among the two most common foot problems we treat in our 11561 podiatrist office are bunions and hammertoes. Both of these foot ailments can be treated with a variety of options, including foot surgery. These conditions can also be treated on a temporary basis so that our patient will get temporary pain relief. We take each individual’s goals into account before we recommend a treatment option. For example, some people with bunions may be happy to simply wear more comfortable shoes or foot orthotics. However, other people with bunions will want to be able to wear more stylish shoes; this would call for some type of bunion removal through foot surgery.

At our 11561 podiatrist office we are able to offer both non-surgical and surgical treatments for bunions and hammertoes. Treatment for bunions can include: wearing roomy shoes; custom-made orthotics; using moleskin patches; taking nonprescription medicines; using ice to remove swelling; or physical therapy. Surgical treatment can be used to restore normal alignment to the toe joint; this will also remove pain. Hammertoes can be relieved by foot exercises; putting a splint on the toe; or use of a custom-made orthotic. Surgery can also correct this condition with the patient having surgery on an out-patient basis. The doctor may also be able to remove a small piece of the bone to correct the problem. If you would like to have your individual case assessed by our doctor, Dr. Kim will then be able to give her recommendation as to what would be the most effective treatment to solve the problem and meet your own personal needs. If you would like to be seen by Dr. Kim, contact our office of New York Podiatry Care for an appointment.

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